Private Children Photoshoot in Shinjuku in Kimono

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture the essence of Japanese culture in a private children photoshoot in Shinjuku, dressed in traditional kimono attire?

This unique experience offers a glimpse into the beauty and elegance of Japan‘s heritage while creating lasting memories for your little ones.

Stay tuned to discover the exquisite details and benefits of this enchanting photoshoot that promises to be both culturally enriching and visually stunning.

Key Takeaways

  • Kids experience hair-stylings, makeups, and wear rental costumes in various sizes for a cultural and fashion-focused photoshoot.
  • Located at Sanrio in Shinjuku, the meeting point offers a central hub for activities, costume fitting, and the photo shoot adventure.
  • Private photoshoot at 5:00 pm with parental involvement, stroller accessibility, and infant seats available for a seamless experience.
  • Non-refundable fee starting at $1,200 includes kid-focused services, an English translator, and emphasizes booking commitment due to the strict policy.

Service Details

For the Private Children Photoshoot in Shinjuku in Kimono service, kids can enjoy hair-stylings, quick makeups, and rental costumes in various sizes from US 2T-12, UK 18-24M to 2-12, EU 86-152, all located in Tokyo, Japan.

This experience offers a blend of kids fashion and a cultural experience, allowing children to immerse themselves in traditional Japanese attire while capturing memorable moments through photography.

The rental costumes cater to a wide range of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for kids of different ages. With the added convenience of an English translator, families can easily communicate and navigate through the photoshoot.

Meeting Point

Private Children Photoshoot in Shinjuku in Kimono - Meeting Point

Located at Sanrio, 5-chōme-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8580, Japan, the meeting point for the Private Children Photoshoot in Shinjuku in Kimono is LOVST PHOTO STUDIO on the 9th floor of Shinjuku Takashimaya, just a 2-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.

At this point, participants will gather to start their exciting photo shoot experience. The studio is conveniently located for easy access and is where the kids will also have their costume fitting before the session begins.

It serves as the central hub for the activities and marks the endpoint of the photo shoot adventure. Participants can expect a seamless transition from the meeting point to the costume fitting and eventually to the captivating photo shoot session.

Start Time

Private Children Photoshoot in Shinjuku in Kimono - Start Time

The photoshoot activity kicks off promptly at 5:00 pm, ensuring a memorable experience for the participants. Children’s reactions are often filled with excitement and joy as they get ready to pose in traditional kimonos.

Parental involvement is encouraged during the photoshoot, allowing parents to participate and bond with their children during this special moment. The early evening start time provides a beautiful natural light for the photos, enhancing the overall quality of the pictures.

Parents can also relax knowing that the activity is private, focusing solely on their child’s experience. With the convenience of stroller accessibility and infant seats available, families can comfortably enjoy the photoshoot without any worries.


As the photoshoot concludes back at the meeting point, travelers can easily navigate to the LOVST PHOTO STUDIO in Shinjuku from JR Shinjuku Station, just a brief 2-minute walk away.

To get to the LOVST PHOTO STUDIO in Shinjuku from JR Shinjuku Station, travelers can follow these simple directions:

  1. Exit JR Shinjuku Station and head towards the east exit.
  2. Walk straight ahead for about 2 minutes until you reach the Takashimaya Times Square.
  3. Take the elevator to the 9th floor, where you’ll find the LOVST PHOTO STUDIO.

With this short walk from the station, visitors can quickly reach the studio to enjoy their private children photoshoot in beautiful kimonos.

Pricing and Policies

Private Children Photoshoot in Shinjuku in Kimono - Pricing and Policies

Upon confirming the booking, travelers can expect a non-refundable fee starting from $1,200.00 for the private children photoshoot experience in Shinjuku, inclusive of various services tailored for kids. The cost breakdown covers services like kids’ hair-stylings, quick makeups, rental costumes, and an English translator.

It’s important to note that the fee is per group (up to 1 child) and doesn’t include rental costumes for adults. Regarding policies, there’s a strict no-refund policy in place, meaning cancellations are non-refundable. Travelers should ensure they’re committed to the booking before confirming, as no refunds will be issued in case of changes or cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Children Participating in the Photoshoot?

Age restrictions do apply for children participating in the photoshoot, ensuring cultural appropriateness. This experience caters to kids within the specified rental costume sizes. Families seeking a memorable photoshoot in Kimono can enjoy this activity.

Can Siblings or Friends Be Included in the Photoshoot for an Additional Fee?

Siblings or friends can join the group photoshoot for an added fee, fostering shared memories and fun moments. Enjoy a sibling inclusion or friendship discount to enhance the experience and create lasting photo memories together.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Outfit Changes the Child Can Have During the Photoshoot?

There is no limit to the number of outfit changes for the child during the photoshoot. They can enjoy creative poses and timed sessions at unique locations with custom props, ensuring a fun and memorable experience.

Are There Any Specific Hairstyles or Makeup Looks That Can Be Requested for the Child?

Hairstyle options and makeup preferences for children can be customized upon request. The team provides a range of styles suitable for kids. Parents can discuss desired looks and themes to ensure a personalized and memorable photoshoot experience.

Can Parents or Guardians Be Present During the Photoshoot to Assist or Observe?

Parents or guardians can be present during the photoshoot to observe and provide assistance if needed. Supervision is encouraged to ensure the child is comfortable and happy throughout the session. Their involvement adds a personal touch to the experience.


Experience the magic of traditional Japanese culture with a Private Children Photoshoot in Kimono in Shinjuku.

With affordable pricing and convenient location, this unique opportunity offers a fun and memorable experience for children and families alike.

Capture timeless moments in stunning attire and create lasting memories with exquisite photo data to cherish forever.

Book your photoshoot today and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese traditions.