2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan

Immerse yourself in the charm of Kyoto with the 2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan. As travelers explore the historic streets and breathtaking landscapes, a unique opportunity awaits to capture these moments in a personalized photoshoot.

With a professional photographer to skillfully document every detail, participants can curate lasting memories against Kyoto’s picturesque backdrop. The blend of cultural richness and modern convenience makes this experience a must for those looking to infuse their travels with a touch of creativity and individuality.

Key Takeaways

2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan - Key Takeaways

  • Professional photography in Kyoto with BYO outfits.
  • 1-night stay, breakfast, and makeup services included.
  • Interpretation assistant for smooth communication.
  • Capture unique photos with personal style choices.

Location and Photographer Details

2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan - Location and Photographer Details

The photography plan in Kyoto, Japan includes a photographer, ensuring couples have professional photos taken to capture their special moments. The meeting point for this unforgettable experience is the Aoi Hotel Kyoto.

The photographer will be available starting at 10:00 AM to accompany couples to picturesque locations around Kyoto, capturing their love in stunning backdrops. With this plan, couples can rest assured that their memories will be beautifully documented by a skilled photographer in one of Japan‘s most enchanting cities.

The location details are meticulously selected to offer the best backdrop for romantic and memorable photos. Couples can relax and enjoy their time together while the photographer works to create lasting memories of their visit to Kyoto.

Accommodation and Amenities Included

2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan - Accommodation and Amenities Included

Included in the photography plan in Kyoto, Japan are a 1-night hotel stay with breakfast, hair and makeup services for the bride, and an interpretation assistant for a seamless experience capturing your special moments. The accommodation amenities feature a comfortable hotel room for a restful night’s stay and a delicious breakfast to start your day. The hair and makeup services ensure the bride looks her best during the photoshoot. Additionally, the interpretation assistant will help bridge any language gaps and ensure smooth communication. With the option to BYO outfit, you can showcase your personal style and create memorable photos in the picturesque setting of Kyoto.

Accommodation Amenities BYO Outfit Options
1-night hotel stay Personal style
Breakfast included Unique looks
Hair & makeup services Individual flair
Interpretation assistant Express yourself
Comfortable room Memorable moments

Meeting and Pickup Information

2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan - Meeting and Pickup Information

Transitioning smoothly from the amenities included in the accommodation package, the meeting and pickup information for the photography plan in Kyoto, Japan is vital for a successful and efficient experience.

The meeting point for this photography plan is the Aoi Hotel Kyoto, where participants will gather at 10:00 AM. The end point of the activity is also at the Aoi Hotel Kyoto, ensuring convenience for travelers.

In terms of transportation options, the location is near public transportation, making it easily accessible for participants. Additionally, this plan offers sightseeing opportunities in Kyoto, allowing guests to explore the beautiful surroundings while capturing memorable moments.

Additional Information and Policies

2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan - Additional Information and Policies

For further details and clarity regarding the photography plan in Kyoto, Japan, travelers can refer to the outlined additional information and policies.

  • Refund Policy:

    1. Full refund available if canceled at least 24 hours before the scheduled activity.
    2. No refund if canceled less than 24 hours before the activity.
  • Traveler Participation:

    1. Most travelers can participate, but please note that the activity isn’t wheelchair accessible.
    2. Confirmation of participation is required within 48 hours of booking.

These policies ensure that travelers have a clear understanding of the terms related to cancellations and participation requirements for the photography plan in Kyoto.

BYO Outfit Photography Plan

To enhance the BYO Outfit Photography Plan experience in Kyoto, travelers are provided with a 2-day/1-night accommodation option allowing them to bring their own outfits for the photo sessions. This flexibility enables visitors to carefully curate their outfit selection for stunning photographs against the backdrop of Kyoto’s picturesque locations.

To make the most of this opportunity, travelers can consider photography tips such as choosing outfits that complement the surroundings, incorporating cultural elements, and opting for comfortable attire for ease of movement during the photo session.

Frequently Asked Questions

2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific Locations in Kyoto Where the Photography Session Will Take Place, or Can We Choose Our Own Locations?

Photography sessions in Kyoto offer customizable locations, granting flexibility in choices. Personalized packages ensure tailored experiences. Clients can select unique spots or have the photographer suggest picturesque settings, enhancing the overall shoot with a touch of creativity.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Outfit Changes We Can Have During the Photography Session?

There are limitations on the number of outfit changes during the photography session. However, clients can still express their creativity through style preferences within those constraints. The plan encourages a balance between variety and efficiency.

Can We Request a Specific Style or Theme for the Hair and Makeup for the Bride?

Guests can choose a specific style or theme for hair and makeup for the bride. They can communicate preferences directly to the stylist. This personalized touch ensures the bride’s look aligns with the desired aesthetic for the special day.

Is There a Time Limit for the Photography Session, or Can We Extend It if Needed?

The photography session offers time flexibility, allowing for an extended session if needed. There is no set time limit, offering the opportunity for unlimited duration. Participants can enjoy capturing moments without constraints or rushing.

Will the Interpretation Assistant Be Present Throughout the Entire Photography Session, or Only During Certain Parts?

The interpretation assistant will be available throughout the entire photography session, ensuring smooth communication. The photography coverage includes various parts of the session. While the session duration is set, the photographer can accommodate some client preferences.


In conclusion, the 2 Days/1 Night Accommodation and BYO Outfit Photography Plan in Kyoto offers a budget-friendly and customizable experience for travelers looking to capture memorable moments in this enchanting city.

With a professional photographer, interpretation assistant, and flexible cancellation policy, participants can relax and enjoy the stunning scenery while creating lasting memories.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore Kyoto through the lens of your own personal style.