Friends Plan

Step into the colorful world of Tokyo’s ‘Friends Plan’ and discover a new way to embrace tradition while exploring the bustling city streets.

But what makes this experience truly stand out? Join the discussion to uncover insider tips, personal anecdotes, and hidden gems that will make your journey through Tokyo an unforgettable one.

From kimono fittings to cultural insights, there’s a lot in store for those who are curious about immersing themselves in the rich heritage of Japan.

Key Takeaways

Friends Plan - Key Takeaways

  • Rent a Kimono with accessories for an immersive cultural experience.
  • Professional guidance and dressing assistance provided.
  • Budget-friendly option starting at $124.68 for up to 3 people.
  • Easy reservation process with group discounts available.

Activity Details

Friends Plan - Activity Details

When planning your day in Tokyo, Japan, consider renting a Kimono and accessories from Kimono Rental Asakusa Aiwafuku Shop #2 for a unique experience filled with cultural immersion and style.

At this shop, visitors can enjoy professional guidance and a hands-on dressing experience by skilled teachers. The rental package includes a Kimono, half-width band, undershirt, bag, socks, and sandals. Additionally, customers can benefit from easy hair set services provided by experienced hairdressers.

This activity offers a fantastic opportunity to delve into Japanese traditions and fashion while receiving expert assistance in getting dressed in a traditional Kimono. Whether exploring the city or attending a special event, renting a Kimono provides a memorable and authentic experience for a reasonable price.

Additional Information

For further details on accessibility, restrictions, and private tour options, visitors can find essential information in the ‘Additional Information’ section of the Friends Plan activity in Tokyo, Japan.

When considering the dress code for this cultural experience, remember that the activity includes the rental of a kimono and other necessary items like a half-width band, undershirt, bag, socks, and sandals. Participants can enjoy dressing up in traditional attire and immersing themselves in the rich Japanese culture.

It’s important to note that there are some restrictions, such as not recommending the experience for individuals with certain health conditions or infants who need to be carried on laps.

Additionally, for a more personalized experience, groups have the option of booking a private tour where only their group will participate.

Cancellation Policy

Friends Plan - Cancellation Policy

The Friends Plan activity in Tokyo, Japan has a non-refundable policy, meaning there are no refunds provided for cancellations or amendments. Understanding the terms of the cancellation policy is crucial before booking this experience.

It’s essential to note that once the booking is confirmed, changes or cancellations won’t result in any refunds. Therefore, participants should be certain of their plans before finalizing the reservation. Being aware of the non-refundable nature of the experience ensures that there are no surprises if adjustments need to be made.

When discussing refund policies for the Friends Plan in Tokyo, remember that the terms are clear – no refunds are available for cancellations or changes.


Friends Plan - Price

Visitors can book the Friends Plan activity in Tokyo, Japan starting at just $124.68 for the group. This price includes the rental of Kimono, half-width band, undershirt, bag, socks, and sandals. For groups of up to 3 people, this deal offers a budget-friendly option to enjoy this traditional experience together.

Additionally, group discounts may be available for larger groups, making it even more cost-effective. The Friends Plan provides a great opportunity to immerse yourselves in Japanese culture without breaking the bank.

With a focus on affordability, this activity ensures that you can create lasting memories with your friends or family while exploring the beauty of Tokyo in traditional attire.


When booking the Friends Plan activity in Tokyo, Japan, visitors can easily select their preferred time and check availability to secure their spot for this traditional experience. The booking process is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free reservation.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Group Discounts: Take advantage of group discounts for a more budget-friendly experience.
  • Customization Options: Personalize your activity with various customization options available.
  • Easy Rescheduling: Need to change your booking? No worries, rescheduling is simple and convenient.

With group discounts and customization options, visitors can tailor their Friends Plan experience to suit their preferences while enjoying cost-effective benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Friends Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Choose the Color and Design of the Kimono for the Rental?

When renting a kimono in Tokyo, individuals can choose from a variety of colors, designs, fabrics, and styling preferences. Custom designs, color options, and fabric choices are available to suit personal preferences and styles.

Are There Any Recommended Spots in Tokyo to Visit While Wearing the Rented Kimono?

While wearing the rented kimono in Tokyo, visitors can explore picturesque places like Sensoji Temple, Meiji Shrine, and the Imperial Palace Gardens. Observing kimono etiquette adds cultural significance to the experience, creating memorable moments.

Is There a Time Limit for How Long We Can Wear the Kimono for the Rental?

The rental duration for the kimono allows for a full day experience. Various kimono styles are available to choose from. Maintenance tips will be provided, reflecting the cultural significance of wearing a kimono in Tokyo.

Can We Take Photos With the Professional Teachers and Hairdressers During the Dressing and Hair Set Process?

During the dressing process, guests can take photos with professional teachers and hairdressers. Remember to ask about photo etiquette and styling tips. It adds a personal touch to the experience and creates lasting memories.

Are There Any Traditional Accessories or Props Available for Rent to Complete the Kimono Look?

Yes, traditional accessories like hairpins, obi belts, and fans are available for rent to enhance the kimono look. Props rental includes umbrellas and geta shoes. These additions can complement your outfit beautifully.


Overall, the ‘Friends Plan’ offers a fun and affordable way to experience the traditional art of wearing a kimono in the bustling streets of Tokyo.

With expert dressing assistance and a complete ensemble rental, participants can explore the city in style and create lasting memories with friends and family.

Don’t miss out on this cultural adventure during your visit to Japan’s vibrant capital!