Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights

Step into a world where tradition meets modernity with the private tour ‘From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights.’

Like a treasure map leading to hidden gems, this tour unveils the rich tapestry of Kanazawa’s culture. From the intricate art of gold leaf craftsmanship to the savory perfection of sushi, participants are in for a treat.

But what makes this experience truly one-of-a-kind?

Key Takeaways

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Key Takeaways

  • Immerse in Kanazawa’s gold leaf art and sushi making.
  • Engage in hands-on gold leaf and sushi crafting experiences.
  • Enjoy a delectable hosomaki sushi lunch during the tour.
  • Benefit from personalized, private tours with English-speaking guides.

Tour Highlights

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Tour Highlights

Explore the glittering world of Kanazawa’s famous gold leaf craftsmanship and savor delicious hosomaki sushi during this immersive tour experience.

First up, visitors get a hands-on experience with Gold Leaf Art, where they can try their hand at placing delicate gold leaf onto various items like ceramics or paper, learning about the intricate process from skilled artisans. It’s a unique chance to create a stunning piece of art to take home as a memorable souvenir.

After the artistic adventure, participants dive into the world of Sushi Making, guided by a professional chef who reveals the secrets behind crafting perfect hosomaki sushi rolls. Learn the art of rolling, shaping, and slicing sushi like a pro, all while enjoying the delicious fruits of your labor.


Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Inclusions

The tour package includes an English-speaking guide, a Gold Leaf Placement Experience, a Hosomaki Sushi Lunch, and options for meeting and pickup.

During the Gold Leaf Placement Experience, participants get to try their hand at traditional Kanazawa craft by applying delicate gold leaf to an object to create a stunning masterpiece.

The tour also offers a hands-on Sushi Making session, where guests can learn to roll their own delicious Hosomaki Sushi under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

These activities provide a unique and immersive experience into the cultural heritage of Kanazawa, allowing visitors to engage in traditional crafts and culinary delights.

Whether you’re a craft enthusiast, a foodie, or just curious about Japanese traditions, this tour has something special for everyone.

Pickup Information

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Pickup Information

Standing outside the Shinkansen ticket gates, visitors will easily spot the meeting point for the Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Tour, located in front of the information center at Kanazawa Station. The meeting logistics are straightforward; participants gather at this central spot before setting off on the exciting adventure.

For transportation options, there are convenient choices available near the station, including taxis, buses, and even walking if your accommodation is close by. Taxis can be hailed easily, and buses are a cost-effective way to reach the meeting point. If you enjoy a short walk, the station’s vicinity offers a pleasant stroll to the meeting spot.

Whichever mode you choose, getting to the starting point of this unique tour is hassle-free and accessible.

Tour Details

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Tour Details

To delve into the Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Tour’s specifics, let’s kick off with what’s in store for participants.

The tour includes a hands-on Gold Leaf Crafting experience where you can witness the traditional artistry up close. You’ll also get the chance to participate in a Sushi Making Workshop to learn the art of crafting delicious Hosomaki Sushi.

The tour kicks off at 9:00 AM at Kanazawa Station, making it convenient for travelers. It’s a private tour tailored to your group, ensuring a personalized experience.

Booking Information

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Booking Information

For your booking ease, secure your spot on the Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Tour with just a few clicks. Payment options are flexible, allowing you to reserve now and pay later.

Group discounts are available, with prices varying based on the size of your group. This tour offers a lowest price guarantee, ensuring you get the best deal.

Free cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the start time, providing peace of mind. By booking in advance, you can ensure availability for your preferred date.

Take advantage of the convenient online reservation system to secure your place on this exciting tour.

Additional Details

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Additional Details

  • Gold Leaf Techniques: Get a hands-on experience learning about the ancient art of applying gold leaf, a traditional craft deeply rooted in Kanazawa’s history.

  • Sushi Making Experience: Roll up your sleeves and master the art of sushi making under the guidance of a skilled chef, creating your delicious Hosomaki sushi.

  • Local Insights: Gain insider knowledge about Kanazawa’s rich culture and heritage from your English-speaking guide throughout the tour.

  • Photo Opportunities: Capture memorable moments as you immerse yourself in the intricate world of gold leaf and sushi preparation.

  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in a delectable Hosomaki sushi lunch, savoring the flavors of freshly made sushi.

Cancellation Policy

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Cancellation Policy

The tour offers a full refund if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. This ensures customer satisfaction and flexibility in case of unexpected circumstances. While travel insurance is not included, the refund process is straightforward. If you need to cancel, simply reach out to the tour operator at least a day before the scheduled start time to receive your refund promptly. Planning ahead and considering unforeseen events can help you make the most of your booking experience. Here’s a simple breakdown of the cancellation policy:

Cancellation Time Refund Process
At least 24 hours prior Full refund

Operated By

Private Tour From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights - Operated By

Machinovate Japan Ltd. operates the Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Tour, providing a personalized experience for travelers in Kanazawa, Japan.

  • Founded by locals with a passion for showcasing Kanazawa’s treasures.
  • Offers tours for small intimate groups to ensure a tailored experience.
  • Tour guides are knowledgeable about the city’s history and culture.
  • Machinovate Japan Ltd. prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety.
  • Group sizes can vary, allowing for flexibility and personalized attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of Gold Leaf in Kanazawa and Why Is It Famous?

Gold leaf holds significance in Kanazawa due to its historic tradition of gold leaf production. The city’s renowned craftsmanship and quality make it famous worldwide. The intricate process and stunning results attract visitors seeking unique cultural experiences.

Can Participants Try Their Hand at Creating Their Own Gold Leaf Design During the Experience?

Yes, participants can engage in gold leaf workshops for a hands-on experience in creating their own gold leaf design. It offers a unique chance to delve into the intricate artistry of Kanazawa’s renowned gold leaf craftsmanship.

Is There a Dress Code or Any Specific Attire Required for the Gold Leaf Placement Experience?

There isn’t a strict dress code for the gold leaf placement experience. Participants should wear comfortable clothing as they engage in this hands-on activity. Casual attire is suitable, ensuring guests can enjoy the experience without any restrictions.

Are There Any Restrictions or Guidelines for Taking Photos During the Tour?

While on the tour, participants can take photos during the gold leaf creation and sushi making experiences. Etiquette is key for engaging in these activities. Souvenirs can be purchased, and capturing these moments adds to the tour experience.

Can Participants Purchase Additional Gold Leaf Products or Souvenirs at the End of the Tour?

Participants can purchase various gold leaf products and souvenirs at the end of the tour. Shopping opportunities include unique gold leaf crafts and artistic creations. There are several souvenir options available for those interested in taking home a memento.


In conclusion, the private tour ‘From Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Sushi Delights’ is a must-do for anyone visiting Kanazawa.

With a fun Gold Leaf Placement Experience and a tasty Sushi Lunch included, this tour offers a unique blend of culture and cuisine.

Don’t miss out on this immersive experience that guarantees a memorable day in the enchanting city of Kanazawa.

Book now for a personalized adventure you won’t forget!